This is where change meets its makers

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We are not another think tank
We are a social impact

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Founded by WOMEN
Led predominantly by WOMEN

Advancing peace, prosperity and equality FOR ALL

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We are a Global Action Exchange.
Taking action on the issues
confronting humanity in the 21st century.

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Founded by women
To change • To act • To define • To grow


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Empowering the world’s greatest changemakers.

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The Genie Project

The Genie Project uses the social and intellectual capital of the private sector to fast-track the growth of existing, proven, ready-for-expansion TECHNOLOGY, ENERGY, DESIGN, SCIENCE + MEDICINE ventures in the impact space.

She’s a 10

A ground breaking initiative that will drive positive change for women and girls –  She’s a 10 is one part global fund, one part social movement. Join us to raise millions of dollars to fund non-profit projects, programs and ventures that are advancing women and girls and gender equality around the globe.

Family Office Collective

For many wealthy families, simply writing a check to their favorite charities is no longer satisfactory. These families are seeking “actionable philanthropy” experiences and curated impact investing opportunities.

Global Action Exchange

The League of Change hosts a Global Action Exchange in the fall.  This event serves to highlight topics and to inspire action. Our goal in 2017 is to continue the momentum around the Sustainable Development Goals and social impact.